Saturday, 25 June 2011

Transfer Season: Ricardo Alvarez, Nani and Insulting Catalans

Right, here goes another transfer season edition and I'll start with probably the biggest news involving Arsenal recently. That man above is NOT a Lionel Messi lookalike (anyone else see the resemblance) but is in fact the player that is apparently as good as signed for arsenal. News about Arsenal's interest came out months ago but it looked to have fizzled out until the Palermo President, Zamparini, said he had signed for Arsenal. Not the most reliable of sources, as many see Zamparini as a little bit mad but nonetheless, it looks promising. July 1 will see at least one player announced according to many people on twitter and that could also be the date for this signing to be confirmed. Keep the date free.

Ricardo Alvarez from Velez isn't a household name which will disappoint some fans but by the looks of things (for example, here) and the opinions of many on twitter, he doesn't look a bad signing at all. I know next to nothing about him, but I already want him signed. With a name like Alvarez, he is destined for greatness... However, there is one problem. He likes to shoot, but I'm sure a few training sessions with Arsenal will solve that.

Next on the agenda is a story which could easily be a load of rubbish, but never mind. SkyBet this morning had that Portuguese winger from United who Almunia always performs so well against (shudder) as favourite to join Arsenal, with a swap deal involving Nasri on the cards. However, as @15yearoldgooner pointed out to me on twitter we were also favourites to sign Joe Cole and Joey Barton. (Quickly on the Barton subject, we were linked with him last week but I don't think that would ever happen. I can't see Wenger being the sort of man to accommodate a man like him. Let's face it, he is a thug). Odds mean nothing really so I wouldn't get too excited about this Nani deal. Also, when I asked my followers on twitter whether they'd swap Nani for Nasri the answer was no and I agree with them. They're equally talented players but Nani is a whining diver, to put it lightly. As good as he is, I hope this deal doesn't happen.

Now, onto that Spanish club that are determined to offer as low as possible for the captain of our team. I've heard different figures floated around the past few days but the rumours are (which I saw here) that Arsenal have rejected a bid for Fabregas of somewhere between 27-31million. No matter what the figure, anywhere in that range is insulting. Cesc Fabregas has been our most important player for the last 8 years or so and we should not sell him for anything less than 50million really in my opinion. If Barcelona are willing to (apparently) pay 38million for Alexis Sanchez, who's relatively unproven compared to Cesc, then they are bordering on deluded if they think we'll accept 31million for Fabregas. The whole transfer saga involving Fabregas has shown Barcelona display themselves as complete fools and I would love nothing more for Fabregas to come out and say he is staying at Arsenal and Barcelona can do one. They're motto is "more than a club" but for the past 18 months or so they've acted as the complete opposite.

Staying on the Fabregas issue, I heard a ridiculous story the other day and I can't remember where, sorry. Somewhere on twitter I saw that Arsenal will sell Fabregas due to the fact he can't be used in Arsene's new plans for a 4-4-2. Whoever came up with that story is mental. Where did Cesc play when Henry and Van Persie were in the side? Also, Cesc is a central midfielder. 4-4-2 gives place for 2 central midfielders. It's not rocket science. Some journalists these days will say anything to sell papers

I'll leave it there for today as transfer stories have been a bit dead recently involving Arsenal. Samba, Gervinho and co are still in progress we are being led to believe. If you see any other stories let me know and I'll try to cover them in future posts. At the start of the new month, I think we'll start to see a lot more deals being confirmed



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